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August Community Camping and Healing Gathering

Join Our August Community Camping and Healing Gathering
From 18th-23rd August in Mynyddcerrig nr Llanelli, Wales, join us for a transformative experience at our Summer Community Camping and Healing Gathering. Connect with supportive, like-minded individuals and participate in healing workshops. Enjoy family-friendly activities, digital detox for kids, and the chance to showcase your handmade goods at our open market.

Accommodation options include camping, campervan spaces, converted horse truck bunk beds, and luxurious glamping bell tents.

£210 per adult (children free)
Community lunch and dinner options available for an additional fee.
Spaces are limited, so secure your spot now for this unique 5-night, 6-day retreat.

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Herbal Remedies for Home Healing (Learn how to create your own Apothecary)

Transform Your Health with a Nature-Powered Weekend Retreat
Join us for an immersive weekend retreat where you’ll learn to create your own healing remedies from nature’s bounty. Discover how to identify, forage, and process a variety of plants, flowers, and herbs. Learn their medicinal properties and how to use them to treat ailments and for first aid. Enjoy morning yoga, engaging kids’ activities, and cozy evening campfires. Limited glamping options available. Secure your spot now to reconnect with nature and transform your health with holistic, natural remedies.

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Drum Birthing Workshop

20th – 21st April

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Sacred Woods Connection Circle

Join us for our Sacred Woods Connection Circle led by Kerry Marie, where we gather in the woods to connect deeply with the land. Experience guided meditation, singing, and drumming, and embrace the chance to explore vocal connections. Together, let’s discover the magic that Mother Earth and Father Sky have in store for us.

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Nettle Cordage Making

Unleash your creativity with our nettle cordage bracelet workshop, suitable for all ages 5 and upwards! Join us in the heart of nature for a hands-on experience like no other. Learn the ancient art of nettle weaving from passionate instructors amidst the serene beauty of the forest. From youngsters discovering the joy of crafting to seasoned artisans passing down age-old techniques, this workshop promises fun, laughter, and the satisfaction of creating something beautiful together.

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Conscious Connections Workshop with Serena Noveli

Join our Conscious Connections Workshop for an interactive experience that equips you with essential tools and techniques for deeper listening and effective communication. Enhance your ability to build closer connections by truly hearing and understanding others. Engage in activities and exercises designed to help you express yourself, listen with empathy, and foster stronger emotional bonds in all your relationships.

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