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The Community Camping & Healing Gatherings

This magical land in South-West Wales a top a mountain provides the perfect setting for you to connect with other like minded people and families, relax and heal at our healing camping retreats.

  • Are you fed up of always having to watch what you say because you have beliefs that are not the same as others
  • About the what is happening in the world
  • About protecting your family and children
  • And want to find and speak to people who are on your wavelength and find your tribe?
  • Does it feel so lonely when you can’t talk about the things that are important to you?

Then our healing camping retreat is just perfect for you, your friends and your family.

Explore our Land

The forests of Wales have been a source of inspiration for centuries. They're woven into the fabric of Welsh mythology and folklore, as the homes of fairies, dragons, and other mythical creatures. Even today, there's a sense of magic and mystery in the air as you walk through these ancient woodlands.

So if you're looking for a place to escape the ordinary, to breathe in fresh air and connect with nature, then the forests of Wales are the perfect place for you. Come and discover their beauty, their wildlife, and their magic for yourself.



16th - 18th May 2025

Inner Child Healing Retreat

Join our Inner Child Healing Retreat from 16th-18th May in Mynyddcerrig, Wales. Heal childhood wounds, reframe past experiences, and gain self-help tools. Enjoy forest school, outdoor play, and crafts. £260 per adult, including camping and all meals. Glamping and shared accommodation options available. No children or dogs allowed. Book now for a transformative healing weekend

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27th - 29th September 2024

End of Summer Community Camping and Healing Weekend Gathering

Join us for the End of Summer Community Camping and Healing Weekend, 27th-29th September in Mynyddcerrig, South West Wales. Connect with like-minded individuals, engage in healing workshops, and enjoy family-friendly activities. Camping, campervan spaces, activities, and workshops are included. Accommodation options in converted Horse Trucks or furnished Bell tents available. Only £120 per adult, children free. Book now for a transformative weekend

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14th - 15th September

Drum Birthing Workshop

Create Your Own Sacred Shamanic Drum: A Two-Day Workshop
Join our transformative two-day workshop in Mynyddcerrig, Wales, from [Dates] to create your own sacred shamanic drum. Connect with the primal heartbeat of Mother Earth through guided shamanic journeys, sacred ceremonies, and an evening drum circle. Learn to prepare your drum materials and honor the Sacred Waters. Complete your drum creation around the Sacred Fire. All meals and accommodations included. Priced at £249 per person, with payment plans available. Secure your spot by 3rd August with a £100 deposit.

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luxury tents

Luxury Fully Furnished Bell Tents

The weekend admission includes camping so you can bring your own tent, or campervan or why not treat yourself and book one of our fully furnished 5 meter Bell tents and spend a weekend in the freedom of the beautiful Carmarthenshire countryside and unlike other similar events, at our camping healing retreat there is no additional charge to camp or stay in your campervan. We don't charge for parking either and includes all workshops and activities too.

Experience the peace that comes from finding your tribe at our healing gatherings and heal with our informative and Healing Workshops and talks. Most are family friendly and have activities for your children so perhaps for the first time you can have a bit of adult time and enjoy the experience of one of our healing camping retreat.

Come and join other like-minded people and experience the freedom of being able to talk freely or just sit, relax and feel safe.

Workshops & Activities

We also offer day and weekend workshops on our beautiful land.

Try our Animal Communication and Healing workshop - This is for you if you've ever wanted to know what your pet is thinking and to understand how to meet their needs better? Or perhaps just to be able to send healing to them?

Or Tea Blending Workshop, Do you daydream about making teas from the plants around you? Would you love how to combine flowers and plants to make delicious teas and those beneficial to your health too.

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