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Nettle Cordage Making


Nettle Cordage Workshop

Gather your loved ones and set off on a journey of creativity and connection at our nettle cordage bracelet workshop, perfect for all ages 5 and upwards!

Picture the excitement in children’s eyes as they eagerly join their parents, grandparents, and friends in our cozy workshop space.

Led by Leann Douglas, participants of all ages will be enchanted by the art of nettle cordage weaving, discovering the beauty of turning nature’s bounty into wearable treasures.

Amidst the sound of laughter and the rustle of leaves, families and friends will come together, sharing in the joy of crafting and creating lasting memories.

Feel the warmth of shared experiences as each person, young and old, finds their place in the weaving process. From little hands mastering the art of knotting to seasoned crafters passing down age-old techniques, our workshop is a celebration of intergenerational bonding and the simple pleasure of creating together.

Join us for a heartwarming adventure where age is just a number, and the magic of crafting brings us closer together, one bracelet at a time.