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Conscious Connections Workshop with Serena Noveli


Conscious Connections Workshop

Conscious Connections Workshop is an interactive experience designed to equip you with the essential tools and techniques for deeper listening and effective communication.

This workshop focuses on enhancing your ability to build closer connections by truly hearing and understanding others.

Through engaging activities and practical exercises, you’ll discover new ways to express yourself, listen with empathy, and foster stronger emotional bonds in all your relationships.


Serena is a multi-award-winning relationship expert and psychosexual therapist dedicated to helping long-term couples reignite the spark in their relationships. Serena specialises in supporting women who feel unseen and unheard by their partners, guiding them to rediscover their attractiveness, desire, and self-worth. With a blend of neuroscience and tantric healing, her brand, Legendary Lovers, empowers couples to reconnect on a deeper level. She offers practical strategies for effective communication, exciting date nights, and intimate practices that bring couples closer together both physically and emotionally. As a mother of five and a wife in a long-term marriage, Serena understands the challenges of maintaining intimacy amidst life’s demands. Her journey in supporting women stems from her own experiences, complemented by certifications in female sexuality and tantric sex. She believes every woman deserves to feel confident and cherished.