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Sound Bath with Lou Kirk


Being a bit of a science geek myself, I love to understand science behind things – a particular interest of mine is the physics of sound which I studied during my Music Technology Diploma at college and have been fascinated with ever since.
Sound therapy works on a cellular level, there have been studies done that showed after 20 minutes of exposure to certain frequencies and sound, the cells within the body begin to physically change.
Benefits from a sound bath can include:
✔️ Physical and emotional healing
✔️ Restored energy circulation
✔️ Improved confidence and self-esteem
✔️ Improved sleep and relaxation
✔️ Increased focus and productivity
Quantum physics has acknowledged that from atoms down, the human body is made up of pure energy.
Regular sound therapy can restore the natural vibration of the body, when left untreated can lead to sickness and depression.
The atoms within the body are known to be vibrating at a specific speed. This speed varies depending on which part of the body, yet each area either vibrates with ease or goes awry, which is described as disease.