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Menstrual Wisdom Workshop with Kez Seery


Menstrual Wisdom Workshop with Kez Seery

This workshop is open to both women and men. It would be nice for men to attend so they can learn more about how the women in their lives show up throughout each of the four phases of the menstrual cycle.

If you don’t menstruate anymore this is still open for you as your wisdom and experiences are powerful for those of us still in this specific cycle.

We will be looking at the 4 menstrual phases and your experiences in each phase.

We will get clear on your joys and shadows and the ways you can sink into the phases or soothe and tend to yourself if it’s needed.

This cyclical awareness can really help to give language to your experiences throughout the menstrual cycle, creating more acceptance and understanding.

Kez is a trained Menstrual Cycle Coach with further training in Nervous System Awareness. She has a passion for cyclical living and embodiment and  loves to support women to get out of their heads and back into their bodies.

The Menstrual Map was created by one of her certification providers ‘Cycle Coach School’.