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Inner Dance


Inner Dance

Inner dance is not dance as you know it at all. It is a shamanic journey guided by music to move you through different brainwaves, it is heart opening and deep embodiment work and personally the most healing modality I have ever experienced. No dance or meditation experience is required and everyone can benefit. It is for everyone and can help anyone.

What will happen during a session? Really that depends on you, you have full control over how far you go. We spend some time at the start making sure that everyone is connected within the group and comfortable, you will be guided to connect with the space, each other and yourselves. You then begin laying on your mat under your blanket with eyes closed. Eyes are kept closed during the inner dance, allowing you to go into yourself for your own personal journey. No body will be able to see you and there is no expectation on you at all.

The music we use is put together for each event using brainwaves to take you into deeper levels of yourself. You may stay completely still and have a deep inner journey, much like dreaming, you may be dancing on your mat or even around the room, moving subtly or spontaneously; usually it is a mixture but there is no right or wrong.

Again there is no pressure on you to do anything and the beauty of no body being able to see you. I will guide you as a facilitator by using healing touch, moving energy if needed, helping you move through the process if needed and holding the space for you to journey.

Let your body lead and listen to its wisdom!

You may experience some of but by no means limited too (there is no limit)

Trauma release

A sense of belonging or deep connection

A sense of knowing


A deep state of relaxation

A feeling of wholeness

Deep healing

A feeling of embodiment

A heart opening

Massive insights

Transcending Ego

Peeling away layers of conditioning

Spiritual awakening

A remembrance of who we are

Realigning and restoration of physical body